Calendar of events

Our Academics

Guest Speakers

Business owners and people working in specific industries are willing to share by coming into the classroom to present or guide the class through a simulation or exercise.

Student Internships

Varying lengths of hands-on experiences usually no longer than a semester. Students experience various aspects of the business over time to get a more accurate look at the opportunities and challenges that come up within a business. Students will may be given tasks, projects or assignments to gain experience.

Site Visits

Students visit local organizations as they tour the facilities and get to learn from employees while getting a glimpse of life "on the job".

Job Shadows

A discreet way for students and employers to set aside time for students to listen and watch a specific job or jobs within an industry.

Career and College Fair

Fairs take place at Proctor High School and allow students opportunities to interact with local colleges and industries. Guests will answer questions, talk about hiring needs and desired qualifications. Employers will also have the opportunity to discuss potential scholarships, apprenticeships or part-time jobs students can apply for. 

Mock Interviews

Local professionals interview students as they present resumes, cover letters and learn more about the hiring process.